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Class 4

Summer Term 2018


             Welcome to Class 4

Class Teachers: Mrs Gallagher  

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brown, Miss Gledhill, Mr Seymour


Well it’s been a fun filled spring term; despite the extreme cold outside we learned so much about the heat of the Earth. In particular, the role of the tectonic plates, the Ring of Fire and different categories of volcanoes. We packed our bags and journeyed to the Centre of the Earth with Jules Verne, engineered our own earthquake proof buildings (out of jelly and toothpicks) and even created our own Geobars for Fairtrade Fortnight!


The final topic for this year is headlined Rainforests-as always, we try to captivate the imagination through more unusual (and creative) roots!!

In English, we look towards the Multi Oscar award winning film AVATAR for inspiration. The indigenous flora and fauna of the planet Pandora are hooks for our creative writing and non-chronological work. We will transport ourselves into the Amazon and write instructions on how to make a survival shelter; followed by sending blogs, tweets and emails to our environmentalist colleagues stationed throughout the Rainforest countries.

In physical Geography, we will compare an area of the United Kingdom (London) to Benin (West Africa); including climate zones, biomes, vegetation belts and rivers. In Human Geography we turn to settlement and land use; moreover the effects of palm oil plantations on the environment. In keeping with settlements, we will research the ancient civilisation of Benin (400-1500AD) and the lasting effects of trade and colonial rule.

Andy Goldsworthy’s environmental artwork and sculptures are the inspiration for our whole class project. We will recreate our own sustainable art and photograph the process of decay. In Design and technology, we will create African prints and masks.

In maths, we will continue to perfect our timetables skills and focus on fractions, statistics and geometry. As it is coming up to the summer holidays, we will be learning about exchange rates in our financial education sessions, alongside understanding how managing money can be complex when investigating loans and mortgages.


Our trip will be in-house this term; bringing exotic creepy crawlies into our rainforest classroom.


Spring term memories....

Important Letters and Information

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General information:

 We would just like to remind you of a few things…


Monday – Spelling Homework Given and Handed In


Monday and Friday – PE Kit


Wednesday – Hand in Topic Homework


Friday – Reading Diary Check



Thank you for visiting us and we hope you come back and see us soon!


Year 4 Spellings

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Year 5 Spellings

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There is no video to accompany special focus 2 but below is a helpful homophones word mat

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